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Technology driven financial performance management that works.

Solutions & Services

We use market leading business intelligence tools to provide real time financial analysis and business insight. 



Reporting &

Tailored reporting and consolidation solutions, developed by experienced finance controllers for accountants and finance professionals.

  • Consolidate within few days across wide industry and regional structures, connecting large choice of systems, reflecting any Group, IFRS or Statutory requirements you may be facing.
  • Transactional data refreshed from accounting ledgers available through drill down from Reporting level. Audit-ready financials supported by full datasets updated every day or every hour.
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Customized profitability management solutions fine-tuned to maximize your business returns and ensure delivery of healthy bottom line.

  • Efficiently perform profitability studies across full hierarchy of business dimensions using the right tools. Enterprise level to divisions, sales channels, products, all the way to individual projects or units.
  • Paired with our active advice, built on real-time insights, we’ll ensure clear understanding of where your business is and where it is heading.
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Gain access to complex ‘big data’ transformed into easy-to-understand analysis in matter of days, without the unnecessary change of existing ERP, CRM or other underlying systems.

  • We develop, construct, test & maintain complete data architecture and transform the raw data into clean data sets.
  • Empower your users to answer their own questions utilizing visual-based data discovery, interactive dashboards and augmented analytics.
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Controller / CFO

Benefit from services of designated financial controller responsible for regular strategic and financial reviews, tasked to help you make the right decisions.

  • Our wide expertise from corporate background with flexibility and understanding of SME needs are the right combination to drive your business forward.
  • Regular monthly or bi-weekly calls focused on providing valuable insights and active advice to make sure that you have the right information available when you need it.
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How we do it

Market Leading Solutions

Seamless data source integration with minimum investment requirements on top of your existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure. Promote insights across your organization while maintaining your company’s data accuracy, consistency, and security.


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About Us

We support emerging businesses with big dreams and high service quality expectations.

We believe that the core value we bring is best delivered through continuous partnership.

The organisations change and so does their data and requirements.

We will work as your partner in this everchanging environment  and provide you with an ongoing support to make sure your solution runs continuously.



We are committed to better outcomes.

With vast majority of the customers we start by signing an NDA, to demonstrate our continuous data protection and privacy commitments.

Next, we obtain acess to the data infrasturcture, typically starting from accounting , working our way through other core production systems depending on the type of the business and industry.

Subject to complexity of your operation, we get back to you with first reports within a week.

As long as it has data in some structure, we are able to process it.

Direct access to underlying database is generally the most preferred way but we can work with API access, data exports, local files, and if there is no other choice even paper documents (*).

* though we definitely discourage you from working this way any longer.

There are two tangible elements to our service and one intangible.

You get your data presented in an easy to understand format through modern business intelligence tool, and you get access to our team.

We work in tandem with you to help you better understand your business through a new perspective with ability to zoom in from strategic point of view down to the transaction detail if needed.

The intangible part of our service is better understanding through eyes of external experienced consultants that will help to grow your business profitably.

Unlike with getting a new ERP or new system module, we are not charging any upfront or integration fees.

What we offer is a service, a partnership on an ongoing basis.

We initially invest time and effort to get you going, while we charge you a monthly fee that reflects our efforts.

The fee covers set-up, access to the tool, maintenance of the solution, getting your team up and runnnig as well as time of our team members.

No company is the same, and so is our approach is alike. We individually assess the situation, the systems and the requirements before presenting you with a fee.

A fixed monthly fee that covers all.


For a bit longer answer, still yes.

We have decided to use existing secure platforms backed by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 platform.

Although we are technically savvy, we don’t think it would be smart to try reinvent the wheel and there we rely on time-proven existing tools.

Part of our service is to make sure your team is ready and confident to use our tool and our services.

We will provide you with ongoing support, training and continuous development to make sure you are always up to date.